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One day at home in my living room I was watching Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” with my mom as everyone does, and on this particular episode she has Pharrell Williams as her guest. During their conversation they began to speak about a certain book and the impact it had on their lives and careers. The book they were speaking about is called “The Alchemist”.

Once I heard the title of the book I knew I had to get it, because just a couple of days before I saw a video where Will Smith was speaking about the influence “The Alchemist” had on his life. Being that three of my favorite successful people read that book, I just knew I had to read it. Making that decision was the best thing in my life!

“The Alchemist” is about a young boy named Santiago who is a shepherd in Andalusia. Santiago has a dream twice about a hidden treasure at the pyramids in Egypt, so he goes to a Genie and she tells him he must go to the pyramids to find his treasure. As he is on his way to the pyramids which is a very long travel he meets many significant people who help him along the way. The first person he meets is the King of Salem, who shows him his past and future to let him know that the dream he had is a dream he must accomplish. The king repeatedly told Santiago “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” After the King, he worked with a Crystal Merchant for a year, then he met an Englishman in his caravan to the pyramids.

While travelling towards the pyramids he finally met the Alchemist, who led him to the pyramids and helped him realize all his power in the process. What I just gave you was a very simple, and trivial timeline of the book, but there is just so many intricate details in the book that you’d have to read it yourself to fully understand its magic.

This book is absolutely life changing, eye opening, and simply amazing. The amount of successful people who read it should be enough to convince you, but if not here is one of my favorite quotes from the book. The quote reads, “At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.” I love that quote because it is the world’s biggest lie, your life is not controlled by fate, you are the master of your fate. The life you want is yours for the having only if you are willing to get it.


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