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Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival is an American musical festival that happened this past weekend at Dodger Stadium. This music festival is curated by musical artist Tyler the Creator, and has been happening annually since the fall of 2012. The event is a galvanization of carnival games and rides along with many popular music artist.

The lineup of artist for this years festival was bigger than ever. Filled with some of today’s biggest artist like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, Jaden Smith and ASAP Rocky Camp Flog Gnaw brought in more than 56,000 fans. This was the seventh anniversary for the carnival and it will only keep growing. This event is one of the most culturally exciting events that happen for millennial and generation z music fans. Many article worthy headlines happened at Camp Flog Gnaw this year including Pusha T’s “f**k Drake” visual and Jaden Smith telling everyone Tyler the Creator is his boyfriend.


Best Performances

One of the best performances of the night includes one of the most legendary names in pop culture performing, Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill joined the stage towards the end of the night to perform her legendary songs. These included “Doo Wop” and “Nothing Even Matters”. This is huge for not only Lauryn Hill fans, but pop culture lovers as well. It is very rare to see Lauryn Hill performing anywhere being that she hasn’t put out a new album in a very long time.

Another performance that caught the attention of not only the Camp Flog Gnaw carnival audience, but social media audiences across the world was Jaden Smith’s performance. It was not because his performance had fire and sparkling lights, it is because he revealed to the crowd that Tyler the Creator was his boyfriend. Although, it is quite possible that he was trolling, many people believed this statement which caused chaos on social media sites.

The last performance that really caught the attention of people around the world is Kid Cudi and Kanye West performing together. Videos were seen all over social media capturing their exciting performance. They performed many songs from their most recent collaborative album “Kids See Ghost”. Of course the crowd as excited for that performance, which was the biggest performance of the night.

Overall, the Camp Flog Gnaw was a definite stardust experience, filled with artistic magic. Which started with one idea from Tyler the Creator. All we need in this life is stardust and an idea, and we too can have our own Camp Flog Gnaw.

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